Teaching, New Moral Values to Kids

ur parents raised us with love and responsibility with fewer challenges to face.

Yes, during those days it was much easier.

I remember, during those good old days we had…

No mobile phones or internet
only mythological, informative and family shows were telecast on televisions.
Neighbors were our extended families.
There were no parties, only festivals.
Small things brought a smile to our faces. We were happy and content.

Fewer the resources. More the Happiness. Sweet.

Here we people with great resources on our hands, are trying to figure out, how to make our children a responsible citizen full of self- discipline, kindness, honesty, and courage.

Thanks to the easy access to the internet and mobile phones, it has become a tough job to connect with the kids these days.

I feel the way we were brought up by our parents was the best way. It was easy going and gadget free. Thank God.

Considering the changes in our social environment, we need to add some points and update some of our values and morals accordingly.

1. We are happy, not rich:

Obstacles are the best teachers. We come out as a better and stronger person when we face challenges. We don’t value those things which we get easily without any struggle.
There is no need to have each and every gadget that comes along. We are NOT RICH. We can have only one thing at a time which is really essential. Not having everything does not stop us from staying happy.

2. Create a close bond:

Beautiful memories are what we cherish all our lives.
Spending quality time with the kids is the key to a happy family. It helps to bond.
An emotionally close family gives a child the strength to come over all the obstacles and struggles of life.

3. Value of Money:

I feel it has become more important to teach our children the Value of money.
We should make them understand how much hard work it takes to retrieve money from an ATM.
We as a parent, work so hard to give our children the best of everything. Best food, education, clothing, school accessories. The list is endless.
We try to give them everything which we could not have at our times.
Our prime responsibility is making sure our child gets good food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and love of course!

4. Its ok if you fail:
‘Failure is the first step to success’
We all know that, and it’s true.
So, let’s celebrate the first step – FAILURE, and work hard for the second step – SUCCESS.
This pattern of thinking will make the child mentally strong. He will not dread the failure and give up.

5. No judgments:

Teaching a child, how to be non-judgmental is one of the best gifts we can give.
This way, the child will always be open to understanding the person’s situation and opinion.
‘Judge nothing, you will be happy’- Gautam Buddha

6. Use playgrounds :

We surely know the health hazards of playing video games.
Studies show that child with a habit of playing violent video games are
linked to aggressive behavior.
On the contrary, playing any physical sport can be very beneficial for
physical and mental health.

Children repeat the behavior of elders.
So let’s take an initiative to teach our kids, to be rich by character more than being rich by the wealth. Because a good character can bring wealth but wealth could not bring a good character.

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. It means a lot to me.

Please feel free to comment.

Thank you


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