Easy ‘Me time’ Ideas for busy moms


Me time…. Now, what is that??

Only a new mom can understand the importance of having some time, alone. Time to enjoy what we like to do.
Being a new mom I experienced the same.

I understand that, ‘Me time’ sounds like a big Joke, as we don’t have time to even eat or go for the washroom breaks. Right??
Totally agreed. I felt the same way and that’s true. But, we cant go on living like this until our babies aren’t independent enough to take care of themselves. There must be some way we could take 30 minutes in a day whenever possible.


1. We aren’t a machine to keep going non stop.
2. If you are happy then only your family will function smoothly and happily.
3. Mental fitness is equally important as physical fitness.

We have some time on our hands when the baby is napping, we have our better half parents or in-laws around and we need to make most of it.

These are some simple ideas which I had personally used and found helpful to stay positive through this tough phase.

1. Use the time when baby naps.
As soon as the baby sleeps we head towards the laundry. Right? Yes, do it. Really. Do only those chores which
are TRUELY important. Like laundry and cooking a quick meal. What we need to remember that we don’t need a perfectly dusted house and a three-course meal every day. Here, we don’t have to sob over how my house looked perfect in early days. Come on, you have a small human to take of who need your constant attention. You could either take care of the baby or clean the house.

2. Look beautiful, feel beautiful.
You already have that beautiful postpartum glow. What you have to do next is just use a good moisturizer after bathing. What worked for me is wearing clothes in which I feel beautiful and comfortable. It made me feel beautiful and less messy. Easy?

3. Cook easy dishes.
Time to change the menu. Cook easy dishes. One pot meals. Browse the internet for easy and healthy recipes. Don’t restrict yourself to the same old time-consuming recipes. Here the point is to cook healthy and fast.

4. Take help.
Your body has gone through so much. It will take time to heal. Till then, ask help from your spouse. He will be more than happy to help you (maybe not.But, he will help). Maybe he would not be perfect in the chores as you, but he will learn. It will improve the bond between baby and the father. Plus, guys look the best while changing diapers!

5. Treat yourself.
At the end of the day when the baby is deeply asleep, put your legs up and treat your self with your favorite flavor of ice cream. Believe me, it works. Just concentrate on digging into your favorite dessert.

So, do it for yourself. Do it for your husband. Because he does not want a crazy wife who is always nagging.
You are not selfish. Ok?

Just think, ‘my baby will grow up so fast and my house will be clean and tidy. I would cook lots of dishes again.
For now, let me hold my baby close to my heart.

Girls, how did you manage to stay positive. I would love to know.

Thank you


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2 thoughts on “Easy ‘Me time’ Ideas for busy moms

  1. Even im experienced d same.. bt unfortunately i dont have parents or in laws around me.. ohh i miss them a alot.. bt time is running so fast nd my baby will be independent soon.. (wish only ).. anyways once again superb blog supp.. love d way u r writing this.. 😘😘😘😘

    1. Yes Priya, I know how it feels. But I am sure you will come out as a strong person from the other side.
      Keep it up.

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