Fighting The Baby Blues


Going through the memory lane mommies? Well, you already got the hint and are on the flashback of your pre-baby lives. Oh those beautiful careless days, long blissful sleep, that beauty and no vaccination fears of course. That is the worst!

When I remember my old days, I remember me going through so much in my life but came out as a fighter. We all did the same. We all fought and conquered and yes we are proud of our selves. Everyone has his or her share of struggle. I believe these obstacles make you who you are.

Being Pregnant:

Ok, story fast forward… I got married to a great man and was pregnant with my first baby. Then, started WHAT? YES… Google browsing. I searched for all the stupidest symptom on the earth.What two things helped me throughout my pregnancy were healthy food and of course some positive blogs from these incredible mamma’s. Those blogs helped me a ton. I feel blessed to have such source. My first trimester was a breeze. But, second and third trimester was hell. I gained 20 kgs. We feel so concerned when it comes to our weight. Oh, gorgeous us!

Baby blues:

Before having a baby, I was so Confident. I planned, how the things will work, after having a baby, how I will take care of my baby and how beautiful I will look with that postpartum glow.

AS IF, Baby will seek my permission before peeing and pooping… Hah!


My world came down crashing immediately, just after having my baby.
The breastfeeding struggle
The sleepless nights
The struggle to understand ‘whats wrong? Why the baby won’t stop crying?’
The mood swings
The anxiety
The hormonal changes
And not so happy feeling
Now, I would like to tell you girls, if you feel the same way as I felt and the symptoms continue you should definitely share your thoughts to your doctor or at least your husband, or he will be like ‘whats wrong with this women? Why she is always mad at me?’. Please spare the poor guy, SERIOUSLY. OK… There is a possibility you are going through Postpartum depression and I tell you there is nothing wrong with it and it can happen to anyone.

Fighting the baby blues:
In my case, this feeling did not last for more than a month. Things started falling into place gradually. Me along with my husband planned some things out.
Husbands are a great help when you try to explain to them what exactly is your problem and what can help. You can do the same. Babies job is exhausting. It’s you and your husband’s teamwork which will take you through.
I wish someone would have told me how the days and NIGHTS would be after taking your bundle of joy home.
I thought it will be like a fairy tale all beautiful and all clean. How can I forget about pooping, peeing and puking? Oh stupid me! But, YES everyone told me one thing, the real joy of parenting is in changing diapers, wiping, bathing and yes watching them go to sleep silently in your arms. Oh !! How adorable and lovely they look!

Finally, Congratulation would be mommas to have such an incredible opportunity to experience.
Hats off to all the mommas YOU DID IT !!!

YAY… I am done with my first blog…
Beauties if you enjoyed reading my experience and would like to read more from my blog please don’t forget to comment. It really matters a lot to me.

Thank you

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4 thoughts on “Fighting The Baby Blues

  1. Litterally connected to me.. awsome supsss… congo nd all d best for many more blogs… love uuuuu

  2. Yes superiya to be Mom is gift of God, we feel proud to be woman when we experience pregnancy.
    All these painful experience feel good when we saw our baby sleep silently into our arm ,enjoy this great feeling with our supportive husband.

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