Hi, My name is Supriya. I have a prior experience of 7 years in the corporate industry.
Now, I am a full-time mommy to my lovely daughter.
I feel being a mother is the best experience I ever had.
I would like to dedicate my blog to the wonderful mommies just like me who face so many challenges every day.

  • What we will be doing here:
    Here we will be talking about the challenges we had been through emotionally and how ‘WE’ feel.
    Sharing our good and not so good experiences we went through.
  • Also, we will try to take out some time for our selves, for discussing our hobbies, quick beauty tips and also healthy and not so healthy recipes (‘Oh! I feel soooo good when I eat this’ kind of recipes).
  • We will also be sharing some products for kids which can make mommy’s life little easier.

So, come join with me in this beautiful journey.

Stay Happy! Stay Positive!

Thank You!