7 easy and practical ideas to look beautiful after delivery

Me with my princess…

Days, post-delivery are never how we think they would be.

It is never how we thought or planned.

Personally. They were not easy for me either.

I finally managed to learn from my experiences. So will you.

Based on my own experiences, I would like to help the would-be and new mothers, with some great tips to look beautiful, while managing the extra kilos and a pile of laundry!

Emotional challenges and anxiety after the baby birth

As a new mom, you face lots of physical and mental changes.

That makes you feel sadder.

These changes, makes you feel and look different.

You don’t like the person you are facing into the mirror.

Looking presentable makes you feel close to the ‘Old You.’

And I know you just love that ‘Old You.’

Look beautiful. Feel beautiful.
1. Be confident. Chin up ladies:
Who managed to survive the morning sickness, the food aversions, the cravings, the fatigue, constipation, swollen feet, the weight gain, on and on…
The answer is ‘WE’.
So dress up and be confident with that new body of a fighter you are proud of.

2. Don’t Hurry and Don’t Worry:
Just keep in mind your body has gone through a lot.
Don’t hurry to get in shape.
It took nine months, to stretch that tummy. So, at least give nine months to your body to get into its pre-baby size.
Just love and thank that body. It has done a wonderful job by keeping and nourishing your little bundle.

3. Maintain basic hygiene :
Let’s start afresh!
Keeping up with the personal hygiene is most essential, especially when you are breastfeeding.
Use a soothing Ayurvedic soap and mild shampoo, to leave you smelling fresh and feeling renewed. Also, the baby will love it.

4. Skin and hair care:
It’s not easy to take care of ourselves when we have a small baby to take care of! NO TIME!
What I did pre-delivery is:
I kept the vitamin E mixtures ready, for my skin and hair.
Keeping them ready, pre-delivery, helped me to easily use them after the baby was born.
It became easy to manage my skin and hair care routine in less time, while my baby was asleep.
(Stay tuned: Vitamin E tablet mixtures for beautiful skin and hair)

5. Nursing clothes. Not necessary:
I shopped for some pairs of nursing clothes before delivery.
It made me feel like I was still pregnant.
What worked for me was, using some loose T-shirts which could be easily lifted for feeding.
Two T-shirt method really works well when it comes to breastfeeding in public places.

6. Some simple and light make up:
A little BB cream, some kajal and lip gloss, can really work to uplift your mood.
It can help you to hide those dark circles and uneven patches on the skin.
Just keep the makeup light.

7. What can I wear:
Before you go shopping for new clothes, please consider the new shape of your body.
A good shape wear helps you in hiding those bulges and give you smooth feeling.
Small print floral dresses are a good start to feel fresh.

Excited to restart, right???
U should be…

Stay tuned for some easy and time-saving skincare routine with vitamin E capsules!



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