4 Best baby products to make mom’s life easier

We invest so much of our time taking care of our little one.

Let’s sneak some time for ourselves with these easy to use and pocket-friendly products.

These products will keep the baby happy and make mom’s life little easier.

1. Philips Avent Premium Soft Spout Cup 200 ml

I had been using this cup for my 9-month-old daughter, for 2 months now.

I bought this cup because it was really impossible to make her drink water with a spoon without spilling it all over.

Baby’s response to the product :

As she was teething she started chewing the spout, using it as a teether.

She learned to sip the water gradually, after 2-3 days.

How would it help a mother?

No spillage and no getting wet every time.

Baby will have the water on his own. Just hand him the cup.

Time and effort saved.


  1. BPA free
  2. Very attractive design, shape, and color.
  3. Easy grip handles to hold the cup.
  4. Water is dispensed only when the baby sucks on the spout.
  5. Travel-friendly.


1. Patience is required, till the baby gets the idea, how to suck the water from the cup.

2. Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler (Pink)

I ordered this Nibbler when my daughter was 6 months old and she had just started to have fruits.

Baby’s response to the product :

Her face just lightened up with surprise once she started nibbling on it.

Initially, I was not sure, if this product will work for me or not but, it was a total HIT!

How would it help a mother?

This nibbler gives a  baby feeling of having their fruits on their own. They do.

Momma just has to cut the fruits and keep the nibbler refilled.

No spillage at all. Plus fun for babies.


  1. BPA free
  2. Soft silicone sack ensures it does not hurt gums while chewing.
  3. Food is turned into very small chunks so there is no possibility of choking.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Comes with a cover to keep food clean.
  6. Easy to refill and wash.


1. Could not find any cons.

3. Mee Mee Baby Walker with adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar (Blue)

Yes, Walkers are one of the most controversial product to be used for a baby. I read a lot of reviews before getting this walker for my baby.

I must share, I am having a very positive experience using a walker for my baby.

Baby’s response to the product :

She is having a really great time. She looks like a free and independent bird when she is into it.

She laughs and uses her skills to drive the walker around the room.

Caution to be taken:

Please don’t leave a baby alone with the walker.

Please don’t leave a baby more than 15 minutes in one go in the walker.

Please buy a walker which has a broad frame as a base. It prevents the walker from falling down. Better to go with branded walkers.

How would it help a mother?

Personally. Using a walker for my baby gave me a 15 minutes break a day,  twice!

During this break, my baby was having a great time, playing with the toys and music buttons attached to the walker, driving here and there in front of my eyes.

I used these 15 minutes for having my lunch and another 15 minutes having my evening tea. It proved to be a lifesaver in my case.

It could really help when mommas are alone with the baby and no one is there to take care of the baby while we have our food.

This is my personal experience using a walker for my baby.

Its all up to you if you want to get a walker for your baby or not.

4. Mee Mee Baby Bather :

I ordered this baby bather when my baby was a newborn.

It is proved as a lifesaver for us, as we didn’t have any prior experience to bath a baby.

Baby’s response to the product :

There was no such response as she was a newborn. But I still use it for her.

She is nine months now and enjoys her bath time.

How would it help a mother?

I was able to bath her carefully, without any assistance as she remained seated comfortably.

A removable cushion is also provided for head support for newborns.

Bathing a baby is a big task and should be done with utmost care.

This product is really helpful for new mothers who have no one around to help.

Just be careful to keep all the essential things handy like soap and shampoo.

Please do not leave the baby alone in the bather even if the door bell rings!

Please let me know if need reviews for any other baby products.

Thank You!


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